How to Make Your Own Luxury Wrapping Paper

gift wrapping paper ideas

Most of us use bits of wrapping paper throughout the year, but when it comes to bigger family celebrations like Christmas, Eid, Diwali, birthdays, baby showers, etc., ideally we want a mix of designs that go in harmony with each other. Some of us are, of course, more particular than others with regards to quality and looks. After all, they will be one of the main showpieces in our living room when guests arrive and will sure to express the love and sentiment behind them.

Well, there is a way to creating a beautiful consistent theme without rummaging around shops and spending hours surfing pages of the internet for rolls of the perfect wrapping paper. The answer is to get a large craft paper pack from a craft store that consists of assorted designs complementing each other in colour and pattern. Your presents will not only look amazing but will be of a premium quality too.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
Duck Egg Blue & Peach Wrapping Craft Paper

Printed paper packs from craft stores are usually 12×12 inches in size, as they are mainly intended for scrapbooking – but of course, not limited to that. They are simply printed paper packs for any kinds of craft uses like journalling, collage, card-making, etc. The good quality ones are printed on both sides with embellishments like foil, glitter effects, engraving and embossing. But just make sure that the paper is not too thick, 90gsm-180gsm is perfect for premium quality wrapping.

Blush & Dusty Rose Scrapbook Paper Pack by InsideMyNest
Printed paper pack scrapbook pattern
Duck Egg & Peach Scrapbook Paper by InsideMyNest

Blush & Dusty Rose Printed Paper Pack by InsideMyNest

Craft paper packs usually have an assortment of 6-12 designs and each design is repeated 2-6 times depending on the number of sheets in each pack. The fact that there are multiple sheets of just one design is perfect for wrapping purposes, as for larger presents you will need to tape the same designs together to make a bigger sheet as shown in the image below.

There are some beautiful paper packs around with some beautiful prints, ranging from vintage, floral, cottage, whimsical, rustic, woodland, grunge, retro, etc. A pile of presents wrapped up in this paper will look absolutely beautiful and will be sure to wow your guests when they see them.