Learn Watercolour Rose Painting In Procreate (Time-lapse)

A pink rose is said to symbolise grace and sweetness, which makes so much sense because when our pink roses bloom, our garden is filled with graceful, delicate butterflies that flit through the flowers spreading joy.

The subject of this watercolour painting is a pink rose, freshly picked from the garden, sitting elegantly atop its green stem.

When we paint detailed flowers with watercolour, we generally start with a very pale pencil sketch of the subject. This pencil sketch is then filled in with a layer of a pale shade of colour, which is just the beginning of a beautiful art piece.

We start by filling in the core, then shading each and every petal with different tones in the right places to create shadow effects and a realistic three-dimensional effect. The shadows are usually on the inner side and also under other petals. We then move on to the stem and complete the rose with some healthy green leaves.

Watercolour rose painting