Vintage Roses Watercolour Clipart

These roses are in pale shades of pink and fuschia, the colour of their stem and leaves going from a rustic greenish brown to a lush dark green, full of life and personality. These roses, designed in many different patterns and for a variety of uses, are hand-painted watercolour in the style of washed ink watercolour paintings, which produces a result with defined lines and vivid, eye-catching colours, which remain distinct and pleasing to the eye even when incorporated into a pattern or background.

Floral art like this is ideal for website designs or as additions to documents with a high amount of text, such as invitations or greeting cards. Because of their defined colour and shape, these pink roses have an old-fashioned, textured appeal, which fits right along farmhouse aesthetics and sepia tones, such as those found in aged photographs or historical texts. Because of this, this pattern of roses can serve as a perfect addition to custom floral arrangements, art projects such as collages or decoupage, or as part of art prints, retaining their gloss, texture, and individuality even when incorporated into larger pieces, and accentuating the effect already present in the piece.

As stickers, clipart like this can be applied to journals or calendars, or used as wall art. The roses here, are unique in design, and its splayed, blushing pink petals seem to scatter into the leaf elements, which can be a beautiful addition to organised bullet journals in order to add a splash of creativity. These aforementioned uses are just some of the ways that this varied and multipurpose vintage rose pattern can be incorporated as a piece of a larger whole, or enjoyed on their own for this simple and distinct style. It can easily be printed, or admired as part of a digital collection, and is very accessible for a variety of artistic or professional purposes.

The clipart shown here can be downloaded here!