Bordeaux Watercolour Flowers Clipart Set

Bordeaux-coloured and beautifully detailed, these watercolour flowers can be used for any art project or decoration. With the amount of detail and work that has gone into designing and depicting these roses in full bloom, it is difficult to imagine an occasion they might not be appropriate for.

Each rose is individually hand-painted in maroon, burgundy, mustard, and violet, with the vines and leaves linking them together in a display of dazzling watercolour. The detail work on these flowers is meticulous, with the colours blended together in various levels of opacity to create the effect of light going through delicate petals, or the pigments darkening as the plants narrow in and become more densely layered at the pistil, with some flowers going from a light pink at the edges to a dark purple at the centre.

Despite each individual flower being so detailed, the design comes to life in its use as a pattern, with all of the small details coalescing into an elegant design that accentuates any website, wedding invitation, art project, or any other use that this could be used for, and with the variety and elegance of it, I am pressed to think of any occasion it wouldn’t be perfectly suited for.

​These warm, vinous-shaded flowers imply a balance of elegance and natural disarray, which goes well with lightly-coloured text or cream tones, especially on parchment paper or neutral website background.