How To Make Your Own Shredded Paper Fill (Without A Shredder)

Instead of rummaging through stores to find the perfect shredded paper fill for gift boxes, baskets and hamper gifts, why not save some time and money by making some yourself at home with leftover craft printed papers, scrapbook papers, wallpapers, recycled scraps etc!

Here’s how to do it!

Simply find some leftover scraps of paper that you would like to include as a filler – these can be papers in various designs, weights and styles, recycled papers, ribbon, raffia ribbon, jute twine and leftover wallpaper scraps. Then, cut strips from them in various widths and lengths, and give all the strips a good scrunch up – and there you go, all done!

Here are some examples…

Shredded paper shred
Shredded paper shred
Blush shred
shred shredded paper

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