DIY 100% Natural & Biodegradable Confetti (Hydrangea)

If you have hydrangea flower blooms growing in your garden, then you will be able to make some of your own 100% natural and biodegradable confetti with it. Hydrangea petals are super easy to air dry and once dried properly, they create beautiful light, floating confetti, and with a beautiful vintage mauve/sage colour.

Hydrangea are complex flowers, with each petal being an individual flower with petals and pistil portion, and grow in a variety of colours based on the acidity and nutrients in the soil they grow in. From blushing violet to mellow orange-yellow, from deep purple to vibrant, living blue, and even a few shades in between, with each flower in itself containing many different shades.

In order to establish and maintain healthy new growth, you need to deadhead flowers regularly anyway. In order to make dried flower petal biodegradable confetti from these flowers, you will need to deadhead earlier than you normally would so that the flowers are still mostly fresh. This is to ensure you don’t end up with browning and mouldy petals once dried.

Here’s how to make dried hydrangea flower petal biodegradable confetti!

Diy hydrangea confetti air dry
Look for fully bloomed hydrangea flower heads
How to dry hydrangea flowers
Using a pair of scissors, gently cut the flower heads and then all the individual petals

Using a pair of scissors, gently cut out the fully bloomed flower heads and then all the individual petals from it and spread them out on a surface that’s not air resistant, like a piece of cloth or cardboard sheet.

Leave them to air dry for a few days. You can give them a toss once a day to ensure all the petals are fully dried and crisp from all angles.

And that’s it! After 3-5 days, the petals should dry up and become a beautiful vintage mauve or sage colour.

Dried hydrangea flower petals
Air dried hydrangea flower petals
How to make biodegradable confetti

Once the petals are fully dried, they have a long shelf life so can be stored a few months in advance from the day of when you need them! They can also be put inside clear jars for decorative purposes, or used in other handmade craft projects such as candle-making, soap-making, card-making, wall art, etc.