Where Does A Robin Fledgling Go When It Leaves The Nest

hatchling fledgling nestling
You may be curious to find out exactly what a robin gets up to once it has made it through some of the most perilous days of its life. How ...
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How Long Do Nestling Baby Robins Stay In Their Nest

baby Robin
Nestling baby robins are entirely dependent on their parents for the first 1-2 months of their life. They rely on them primarily for food, shelter and safety. Having said this, robins ...
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Hatchlings, Nestlings & Fledglings: How To Tell The Difference

hatchling fledgling nestling
Have you ever wondered how to determine the age of those young birds in your garden? It’s actually a little more complicated than you might think. Since most birds are ...
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What Do Dunnocks Eat? How To Feed Dunnocks In Your Garden

dunnock bird
You may be used to seeing dunnocks hopping about in shrubbery in your garden or on your lawn, and you may have noticed that they aren’t keen on eating from ...
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What Bird Family Is The Dunnock? Everything You Need To Know About Dunnocks

Dunnocks (scientific name: prunella modularis) are small birds commonly found across the UK and other parts of Europe. They are similar in size to a robin, and are also known as hedge sparrows, ...
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The Sleeping Habits Of A Robin: How Many Hours Do Robins Sleep For?

robin sleeping
The number of hours a robin sleeps for depends on a few different factors such as their environment, the season, and the age of the robin. Research suggests that robins do not ...
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Dunnock Or Sparrow? 7 Key Differences Between Dunnocks & Sparrows

Dunnock & Sparrow
Dunnocks and sparrows are similar-looking, and it can be quite challenging to tell them apart if you don’t know what to look for. They are equally common garden birds, and ...
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How Does A Bird Start Building A Nest?

bird nest drawing
Birds are fascinating and resourceful creatures. Just watching a bird build its nest is a wonder to behold. But have you ever wondered how a bird starts building a nest? ...
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When Do Blue Tits Nest? Nesting Habits & Timing For The Blue Tit

Blue tits
The Blue Tit is a common garden bird that is entertaining to observe around your garden. They can be identified by the blue colouration on their wings, head, and back and have bright yellow chests. ...
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What Are Those Little Brown Birds? 9 Common Brown Birds Found in UK Gardens

birds in the garden
Garden birds are usually an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. For this reason, many people encourage and attract as many birds to their gardens as possible by providing bird feeders, ...
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