Abstract Wall Art in 10 Minutes

Create your own beautiful abstract wall art pieces by adding a touch of 3D embellishments to our pre-made abstract backgrounds.

Examples of such embellishments are:

  • Sequins
  • Metallic foil
  • Chunky glitter
  • Fine glitter
  • Pixie-dust
  • Dried flowers
  • Confetti
  • Tissue Paper
  • Gemstones
  • Buttons
  • Charms
  • Brads
  • Fabric pieces
  • Ribbons, bows & twine
  • Wooden pegs
  • Feathers

Embellishments that will particularly stand out on busy colourful backgrounds are shiny golds, silvers and coppers; this will give a gorgeous metallic and sparkly touch to your artwork.

These backgrounds are painted in the style of many known watercolour methods, including washed ink, paper blotting, and paper masking, resolving into backgrounds and patterns with great variety.

Some favour sketch methods more than the others, with the line work apparent in the final piece and more negative space used intermittently to balance the white background with the gentle pink tones and light greens of the petals and leaves.

Others involve the use of colour more boldly, with the motif of flowers and leaves still apparent, but used more as a jumping off point for storming reds, dotting greens, and splashes of purple, blue, and orange. 

The colour pallets of each abstract shown here tends towards warm tones of red to purple, but also frequently include mellow greens, shades of natural brown, and delicate lilacs, in order to aspire to a balanced and complimentary piece, unified by its many parts and elements. 

These more abstract backgrounds incorporate the same hand-painted watercolour imagery as much of the other work exhibited on this site, and would fit very well as stationery, wall art, or as parts of a larger art piece, such as decoupage, collaging, or as part of a scrapbook or journal.

Abstract art like this can be hand-painted and designed individually, making them entirely unique, and can be featured as part of a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation, or as a statement piece on the walls of your home. 

As shown, the natural themes and imagery remains a present element throughout all of them, so you can exhibit them together if you choose to create a unifying visage, but also one where the individual abstracts remain distinct. 

Simple and engaging, these accessible examples of abstract wall art could fit into both modern and rustic styles, and serve as a wonderful launching pad to fuel further creativity and internal decoration.

An example of a finished Abstract Wall Art framed artwork

To produce this abstract wall art, we used the watercolour floral splashes background (which can be printed at a professional printing company or at home if you have a good quality printer). We then embellished it with foil, diamond gemstones, paper confetti, chunky gold hexagonal glitter and fine glitter using PVA glue and strong double-sided tape.

Tip: The surface doesn’t have to be paper, the image can also be printed on canvas, wooden log slices and tiles. Deep-edge box frames are also good for mixed-media art.

Dried flowers make beautiful embellishments for mixed media art

Tip: If you already have the image files, why not complement your finished artwork with custom printed home furnishings, accessories and stationery (such as cushions, curtains, wallpaper, rugs, dinnerware, recipe cards, notebooks, etc.) through companies that provide this service. Or create other cool crafty stuff like handmade cards using the same image files and embellishing methods.

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