Watercolour Leaves PNG

The artistic style of single-line leaf drawings rendered in watercolour can be varied from simple and sketchy, with the leaves rendered in an almost pencil-like delicate translucency, to more full-bodied designs, painted with a thicker brush and a more watery, natural look.

Of the twelve, there are nine depicted with the thinner, more sketchy style, and another three painted with the more weighted lines.

The colours of these leaf drawings vary depending on the individual elements, but this set has the choice from a very faint sepia to a dark, greenish black, depending on the differing opacity and the weight of the brushstrokes.

The individual stalks each have different amount of leaves, which split off from the main stalk in loose, looping brushstrokes that have a distinct art nouveau style. 

Depending on the individual elements, some of these leaves are more conservative in their artistry, veering closer to the designs seen in real life, and others take more artistic liberty, resembling more loose vines and winding stalks of grass. Their many different variations make them each distinct, while capturing a single style to make a cohesive set.

Despite the artwork being one line, some give off the appearance of multiple stalks, blending together as though moved by wind, while others split evenly, like young seedlings yet to grow their true leaves.

Each of these individual elements can be used as clipart for many different occasions, such as decorations on invitations, additions to artwork, flourishes on a website, and any other situation that calls for a touch of artistic naturalism, an addition of simple, elegant freehand leaves to any card or logo.